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The ARISk Test

The ARISk® Autism Risk Assessment Test is a genetic test which identifies the risk of autism spectrum disorders in children.

IntegraGen has recently announced the availability of a newer version of the ARISk Test enabling the test to now also be utilized to assess the risk of ASD in children who have signs of developmental delay or ASD. The ARISk2 Test is comprised of over 1,700 genetic markers (single nucleotide polymorphisms or SNPs) which are analyzed in order to identify a child's genetic risk score for ASD. DNA smaples are collected from children via a buccal swab and are genotyped at a CLIA-cerfied laboratory using a customized Illumina Infinium BeadChip.

The ARISk Test helps physicians identify children who are at increased risk for autismspectrum disorder (ASD) in order to allow for earlier diagnosis and intervention options.

  • Intended for children with early signs of developmental delay or ASD and in children who have older siblings previously diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.
  • A genetic score, based on the total number of genetic markers associated with autismidentified, is used to estimate the child’s risk of developing ASD.
  • The test does not confirm or rule out a diagnosis of ASD for the child tested.
  • The test is intended to be used together with a clinical evaluation and other developmentalscreening tools.
  • The estimate indicates the child’s risk of developing an ASD as compared to other children who have similar characteristics.
  • Intended for use for children 48 months and younger.
  • The ARISk Test is not available for prenatal testing.

Until now, genetic testing for ASD has primarily been limited to the identification of a number of specific copy number variants (CNVs).  Chromosome microarray (CMA) tests detect the presence of rare CNVs at the chromosome level; however, autism-associated CNVs are only found in approximately 10% percent of children with ASD. Recently, a number of common genetic variants or SNPs have been shown to be related to the risk of ASD.  While individual SNPs do not cause ASD, IntegraGen’s studies have shown that the presence of a combination of autism-associated SNPs can predict with a high degree of certainty whether that child will develop ASD.  

Click here to learn more about the ARISk Test or to request a DNA collection kit.

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