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NextGen Sequencing

New Generation Very High Throughput Sequencing

The HiSeq2000 platform produces up to 600 gigabases of sequence data in a single operation. IntegraGen proposes this technology to its clients with all available applications.

The most proven technology

Near to 3 billion reads per Flow-Cell, up to 2x100 bases per DNA fragment, the capacity to read in “single read” or “paired end” modes, these are just some of the elements that justify IntegraGen’s choice of the HiSeq2000 for the Sequencing projects you entrust to us.
The applications proposed by IntegraGen are constantly being developed; please, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your project.

Applications and technical approaches

DNA/RNA bank Inserts size
Read length Applications
Simple Read 30 to 100 bp
35 bases miRNA, SmallRNA
Simple Read 200 to 500 bp 75 bases
Paired End 200 to 500 bp
2x75 or 2x100 bases Targeted re-sequencing, Exome, De Novo Sequencing, SNP Discovery, mRNA Seq  
Mate Pair 2 kb to 5 kb 2x35 or 2x50 bases Whole genome sequencing, Analysis of structural rearrangements

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