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DNA extraction, Sample management, and Storage

IntegraGen’s automated platform allows us to provide you with the required solutions upstream of your genomics projects. DNA extraction, quality control, whole genome amplification or saliva sampling kits; all the essential support you require for your association and pharmacogenetics studies.

High yields for quality DNA samples

IntegraGen has validated and automated protocols for DNA extraction from whole blood or saliva samples for genetic studies and very high bit-rate sequencing.
Each extraction is followed by an assay and exemplary quality control ensuring procurement of DNA samples that can be used for all types of genotyping, sequencing or methylation analysis applications.
Our platform is capable of processing several hundreds of samples a week depending on the quantity of DNA you require.

IntegraGen validates the use of Oragene.DNA kits developed by the Company DNAGenotek

IntegraGen uses and recommends Oragene.DNA saliva sampling kits, which were received in the context of clinical and epidemiological studies and effectively ensure procurement of high-quality DNA samples in sufficient quantities.

The Oragene solution’s advantages are:

  • Easy, non-invasive sampling.
  • Sample stability for years at ambient temperature.
  • High yield and low contamination by bacterial DNA.
  • Samples useable with all genotyping technologies.

In addition to extraction, IntegraGen can also take care of packaging Oragene.DNA sampling kits for your clinical and epidemiological studies.

DNAGenotek also proposes sampling kits intended for animals: performagene.LIVESTOCK for livestock or Oragene.ANIMAL for domestic animals.

Management and long-term storage

In partnership with the Company Imagene, IntegraGen proposes innovative solutions for long-term storage of your most valuable samples.


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