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Q&A – Strategy, key strengths and perspectives

What is IntegraGen’s strategy?


In order to develop innovative and clinically useful diagnostic tools, IntegraGen has implemented a business model allowing the company to entirely control the development chain of Genomic Diagnostics Services. This positioning allows IntegraGen to:

-       Affirm its technological leadership and command of state-of-the-art genomics, particularly command of technologies such as high bit-rate sequencing and genotyping and, more generally all technologies relative to analysis of DNA and genetic cell material.

-       Be integrated with academic or private research networks as partner or service provider.

-       Establish networks of clinical practitioners specialised in targeted pathologies where the tools developed serve to improve patient care.

-       Control of the biostatistics and bioinformatics validation aspects as well as regulatory aspects.

-       Access to reference laboratory markets in Europe and North America.


Thanks to its resources, IntegraGen’s vocation is to be number 1 in the genetic test field in France, thus contributing to diagnostics and improving care for targeted pathologies such as autism and certain forms of cancer.


What are IntegraGen’s key strengths?


Thanks to its teams and its strategy, IntegraGen now has several key competitive strengths:

-       A well-defined roadmap

-       A secured part of revenues, 70%+, through its services platform

-       An Autism risk assessment test, protected by strong I.P., already distributed in the US with the right partner (Transgenomic)

-       A new wave of oncology products, currently under development

-       A recognised Partner for the industry: prestigious clients, renowned partners and supportive opinion leaders.

-       A team committed to IntegraGen’s success



Why IntegraGen is going public?

IntegraGen aims to go public through a direct listing of its shares on NYSE Alternext, to raise money in order to finance its development in particular with regards to the following projects:

-       Autism: Development and commercialisation of Familial Autism test and financing of next generation tests

-       Oncology: Development and commercialisation of tests

-       Services: Development of pharmaco-genomic services to Big Pharma


For any other question, please feel free to contact us.


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