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In less than 10 years, IntegraGen has grown to become the leading privately-owned genomics platform in France, thanks to its expertise in genotyping tools, meeting the industry’s highest standards.

Founded in 2001 within the Genopole incubator, IntegraGen began its activities with a team of researchers and the will to establish a link between molecular genetics research innovation and medical practice.

A major actor in clinical genomics, IntegraGen’s objective is to investigate genetic mechanisms and find out pathology biomarkers, to allow clinical practitioners to use more innovative or reliable diagnostic tools, improving patients’ care.

Alongside its leading services platform, IntegraGen develops fully-owned molecular diagnosis tests to identify proactive, adapted treatments for complex pathologies. Tests developed by IntegraGen in two main areas (Autism and Oncology), are key tools for clinicians to improve patients’ care by contributing to an earlier diagnosis of familial autism or to improve clinical and surgical care of certain cancers.

Thanks to its scientific knowledge and its technological and bioinformatics know-how, IntegraGen has become one of the reference partners for teams working in molecular genetics research. Our teams work closely with leading  partners: both industrial and commercial (Inserm, BioMérieux, Sanofi Aventis, Ligue contre le cancer, Institut Servier, AP HP, Transgenomic Inc., etc.) and academic (UCLA, Washington State University, U Penn, etc.), confirming our development strategy rationale.

IntegraGen is at a turning point in its evolution , with the upcoming launch of the very first genetic test for familial autism in the US, with our partner Transgenomic. This test, made available for clinicians, is a complementary tool aimed at establishing an earlier diagnosis for children suffering from this pathology.

The capital raised through our IPO aims firstly to support the commercial launch and to finance the development of next generation diagnostic tests, that will address a larger population (non familial autism). Secondly, the capital raised will accelerate the implementation of the most powerful oncology biomarker validation engine in Europe, launched in 2009, along with INSERM, AP-HP and BioMérieux.

Through the website and documents, you will be able to discover more about our company and share with us in our passion.

Bernard Courtieu

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